How we work

We work in sync with out mission which consists of providing our clients a 3-side approach on research, responsibility, strategic business.

Architectural services include two interrelated but distinct endeavors:

The planning and design of buildings and spaces;

The administration of construction contracts on behalf of clients. Design and planning incorporate more than merely the aesthetics and organization of buildings; it also ensures that the designs for buildings conform to zoning, building codes, and safety requirements.

As a design company, we believe it is vital that we take the initiative to establish solutions that will ensure a sustainable future for the built environment and so are committed to the design of buildings which minimize environmental impact and optimize energy efficiency, in both initial construction and lifetime cost.

We involve our clients fully in all environmental matters aiming to agree and establish clear objectives early in the briefing process.

Our design teams have the necessary experience to then act on these objectives and integrate sustainable technologies into our design proposals.

We work on a process driven plan for systematic client handling.

▣ Initial Consultation, Pre-Design, and Schematic Design.

▣ Site Selection and Analysis

▣ Conceptualization & Design Development

▣ Programming & Planning of Functions

▣ Design Development.

▣ Construction Documents/Liaison/Approval

▣ Cost Evaluation & Preparation of Schedule of Quantities-

▣ Bidding/Contract Negotiation/Purchase management

▣ Construction Contract Administration

▣ Conducting feasibility studies

▣ Planning and Detailing

▣ Project Completion Evaluation

Interior Design Services Include

▣ Workflow Analysis

▣ interior Space Planning

▣ Detail Interior Designing

▣ Furniture & Product Designing

▣ Preparation of Schedule of Quantities

▣ Supervision and Coordination

Project Management Services Include

▣ Project Speculation and Feasibility Reports

▣ Planning and Scheduling

▣ Monitoring Tenders and Bidding Processes all Contract Management

▣ Coordination of all Stack holders, Vendors and Suppliers

▣ Project Inspection, Testing and Completion Physical Progress

Planning and Urban Design Includes

▣ Physical, Socio-Economic Survey & Feasibility Analysis

▣ Incorporating all Stakeholders and Encourage community Participation

▣ Program Formulation in conjunction with Phasing Strategy

▣ Preparation of Masterplan & Detail Urban Design Guidelines

▣ Proposing and Assisting in Implementation Strategy

▣ Propose Speculative Development Projects

Engineering Services Include

▣ Structural Design

▣ HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

▣ Energy Conservation Design

▣ Electrical Systems & Plumbing Design

▣ Fire and Life Safety Design & Infrastructure Planning

▣ Waste Management Systems

▣ Building Management Systems

▣ Lighting Design

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